5 Ways to Love Yourself Better

A few days ago I was talking to some of my clients during a workshop and discussing possible ways to learn how to love ourselves better. There was so much interest that I decided to share with you the tips I gave them. Feel free to use them all or just some. They have an accumulative effect but can also be used one at a time. Enjoy loving yourself better from now on.

Praise yourself

Grab a piece of paper and for once, make the effort of defining what you LIKE in yourself, instead of finding whatever it is that you believe needs changing/improving. Identify 3 things you like in each of the following fields:

physical – define 3 things you like in your body, including your face: your hair, your walking style, your height, your posture… anything.

emotional – define 3 traits in you that you like: generous, hard-working, sentimental… anything.

abilities – define 3 skills you have that you like: good handwriting, well organized, fast learner… anything.

Each morning after breakfast and each evening before you go to bed, look at yourself in the mirror, look deeply into your eyes, and remind you of those 9 things you like in yourself. Praise them. Praise yourself for them. Remember that there are AT LEAST 9 things in you that you like. Celebrate those 9 things.

It might be hard, specially at the beginning, because we’re so used to doing just the opposite and looking for flaws, mistakes and the like. But do try. Give yourself a break and be fair; stop JUST looking for the bad in you and start looking for, and praising, the GOOD.

Identify and improve your model

First of all, ask yourself who your teacher was. Who taught you how to love yourself as a human being? Did you learn it from your parents? From a friend? Most of us learn by imitating our role models, even subconsciously. Once you identify who you learned it from, ask yourself if you really like the way that person loved him or herself. Is that the type of love you want to give yourself? If it is, can you improve it? If it isn’t, can’t you find a better role model to imitate? The role model doesn’t need to be a person you know but could also be a character in a book or movie. Yes, I know they might not be “real” but what they’re portraying is the type of love you want to give yourself. Focus on that and learn what they do to transmit that love. At the end of the day, you just want to learn how to do it better.


Each To Their Own Better Life

A few years ago I was involved in a mortgage brokerage company that promoted the idea of living a better life. The seminars that were regularly held featured pictures of idyllic tropical islands, large mansions, ocean going yachts and the like. Each time I saw those pictures, and I was often the one presenting, so I saw them often, I would cringe internally. That was not my idea of a better life. Nor is it necessarily your idea of a better life.

What the term “a better life” actually means for an individual is, in fact, as diverse as the number of people who even have such a concept. Even within families, living a better life means different things to the individual members. For example, I know my idea of what it means to be living a better life is something quite different from the better life my wife would enjoy. It is different again for each of our two children. Fortunately they are both grown adult out in their own pursuits of a better life, so they don’t figure as strongly as they otherwise might. But my point is that ‘one size, shape, idea does not fit all!’ Never has, never will.

Rather than conform to other people’s perception of a better life, work towards achieving your own, whatever that happens to be. For me, my life goal is “to resource an environment where people who so desire might be enabled to live a better life, whatever that means for them.” In a very real sense I am already achieving that, partly through my websites, but in other ways as well.

Now your idea of a better life will undoubtedly be different from mine. My wife’s idea of a better life, for example is to be able to have the time to do her craftwork, potter in the garden, babysit our grandson and watch some sporting events on television. Quite different from mine, to which I say viva la difference.

Yours will be different yet again. Does that make yours or mine better than the other? Of course not. We are different people. The older we each get the more distinct we are from each other. That is because although we may start from a similar point as we grow and experience different things. In a very real sense we are each the sum total of our yesterdays and because the sum total of my yesterdays is different from the sum total of your yesterdays we arrive at this point quite different from each other. Again viva la difference.

Your version of a better life will be quite different from, but no less legitimate than, mine. Each is something we aspire to and after all, you are the one who will lead your better life, why shouldn’t you be the one who designs it? All you have to do is get there! And that is where we may have a few things in common.


The Definitive Guide to Talent Mobility


Industry analyst firm Bersin & Associates defines talent mobility as “a dynamic internal process for moving talent from role to role – at the leadership, professional and operational levels.” The company further states that “the ability to move talent to where it is needed and by when it is needed will be essential for building an adaptable and enduring organization.”1

Experience with global enterprises also reveals that talent mobility is:


  • A business strategy that facilitates organizational agility and flexibility
  • A mechanism for acquiring and retaining high performing and potential talent
  • A recruiting philosophy that favors internal sourcing over costly external hiring
  • A method for aligning organizational and individual needs through development
  • A proactive and ongoing approach to succession planning rather than a reactive approach


A systematic talent mobility strategy enables organizations to more effectively acquire, align, develop, engage, and retain high performing and potential talent by implementing a consistent, repeatable, and global process for talent rotation. This report explores the importance of a talent mobility strategy, considerations for approaching and deploying the strategy and supporting technology, and the significant business benefits that it affords.

Current Challenges & Barriers

According to the 2010 State of Global Talent Management survey of 300 human resources (HR) practitioners, many organizations currently face similar challenges, including:

• Retaining high performers and reducing flight

• Aligning current and future talent needs to rapidly changing

business needs

• Developing deep talent succession pools and bench strength

• Reducing external recruiting costs

• Improving overall HR measurement and reporting

Organizations grapple with these challenges due to process- and technology-oriented barriers. From a process perspective, only 35% of organizations currently conduct annual succession talent reviews for most of their critical positions. While the trend for many companies is to extend succession planning deeper into the organization, many lack the executive direction and supporting enterprise software to effectively automate and manage the process. Instead, succession planning is often a slow, manual, reactive, and paper-intensive discipline in most organizations.


Digi Backlink Leverage for Guaranteed Success and Healthy Traffic!

Digi Backlink Leverage provides you lots, actually tons, of backlinks by using their mostly free software.

The famous and successful internet marketer Andy Fletcher decided to launch this brand new report, Backlink Leverage. This is one of the most effective backlink building techniques that are presented in a simple step by step guide.

Just like every other program created by Andy, this one does more than other similar ones do, by not just telling you how to build the backlinks, but also providing methods on how to make those backlinks work better. This will double, even triple your traffic.

Let’s have a sneak-peak at which are the 4 principles on which Andy bases his backlinking program:

1. make your opinion heard: reading stuff that has already been written bores people, share your own opinion and use strong arguments and people will love to read through;

2. don’t be afraid to be different or outrageous, without crossing the line of common sense, of course;

3. avoid to be offensive towards anyone;

4. inspire and share passion.

These 4 principles are just some randomly extracted features from the course Andy has created. Of course, there is more to it, than what is written here. After all, his creation is a complete system designed to bring you much more traffic and backlinks.

The course is created so that you can be instructed in 4 modules:

Module 1 is called “Introduction to Leverage or Why Aristotle Was A Dude” and explains in details how not everything is about syndication, but about how you syndicate.



Tiny Bubbles In Your Brain

We know people who are stuck in their story about life, love, money, sex and career. We know who THEY are but they also know who WE are. Learn to expand your tiny bubble to expand your influence in all areas of your life. Learn this technique in three minutes and use it for life.

You know the kind of person who seems stuck in a tiny bubble. They see themselves as the person who has to struggle with finances. Or they see themselves as the person who is always abused, hurt & harmed by others. Or they see themselves as the person who always needs to caretake and look after others. They are stuck in a tiny bubble of consciousness. Round and round it spins re-telling the same story over and over again.

The bad news is that WE are stuck in a tiny bubble, too. Our bubble might be bigger than theirs, but we’re still stuck.

The good new is that we can expand our bubble and our experience by using our awareness and the simple mental technique you’re about to learn. Expand your tiny bubble in the are of sex and sex gets better. Expand your tiny bubble in the area of money and more money is available to you. Expand it in love…get more love. Expand faith and get stronger faith. And so on.

Here’s how to do the Tiny Bubble Technique which I’ve taught to hundreds of clients over the years. It’s simple, quick and quite surprising what kind of real-world results it can quickly produce. Imagine your most stuck area (money, love, career, etc.) is trapped in a tiny bubble. Now expand the bubble in one direction. Then expand it additionally in another direction. Then expand it 360 degrees around, above and below you. You’re creating more space, that’s all. Take a moment and notice you have more “elbow room” in this area to maneuver. Neat, huh?

Think of stretching a ping pong ball sized bubble to the size of an apple. Then onto the size of a basketball and onto the size of a beach ball. Finally stretch it to the size of an entire planet. Have fun with the visual image.


An overview of insulin

Insulin is a chemical       messenger that allows cells to absorb glucose, a sugar, from the blood.

The pancreas is an organ behind the stomach that is the main source of insulin in the body. Clusters of cells in the pancreas called islets produce the hormone and determine the amount based on blood glucose levels in the body.

The higher the level of glucose, the more insulin goes into production to balance sugar levels in the blood.

Insulin also assists in breaking down fats or proteins for energy.

A delicate balance of insulin regulates blood sugar and many processes in the body. If insulin levels are too low or high, excessively high or low blood sugar can start to cause symptoms. If a state of low or high blood sugar continues, serious health problems might start to develop.

Click here to read all about diabetes and how it develops.

Insulin problems
In some people, the immune system attacks the islets, and they cease to produce insulin or do not produce enough.

When this occurs, blood glucose stays in the blood and cells cannot absorb them to convert the sugars into energy.

This is the onset of type 1 diabetes, and a person with this version of diabetes will need regular shots of insulin to survive.

In some people, especially those who are overweight, obese, or inactive, insulin is not effective in transporting glucose into the cells and unable to fulfill its actions. The inability of insulin to exert its effect on tissues is called insulin resistance.

Type 2 diabetes will develop when the islets cannot produce enough insulin to overcome insulin resistance.

Since the early 20th century, doctors have been able to isolate insulin and provide it in an injectable form to supplement the hormone for people who cannot produce it themselves or have increased insulin resistance.

Learn about the discovery of insulin here.

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Types of insulin
A person can take different types of insulin based on how long they need the effects of the supplementary hormone to last.

Different types of insulin have different effects on blood glucose.
People categorize these types based on several different factors:

speed of onset, or how quickly a person taking insulin can expect the effects to start.
peak, or the speed at which the insulin reaches its greatest impact
duration, or the time it takes for the insulin to wear off
concentration, which in the United States is 100 units per milliliter (U100)
the route of delivery, or whether the insulin requires injection under th a vein, or into the lungs by inhalation.
People most often deliver insulin into the subcutaneous tissue, or the fatty tissue located near the surface of the skin.

Three main groups of insulin are available.

Fast-acting insulin
The body absorbs this type into the bloodstream from the subcutaneous tissue extremely quickly.

People use fast-acting insulin to correct hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, as well as control blood sugar spikes after eating.

This type includes:

Rapid-acting insulin analogs: These take between 5 and 15 minutes to have an effect. However, the size of the dose impacts the duration of the effect. Assuming that rapid-acting insulin analogs last for 4 hours is a safe general rule.
Regular human insulin: The onset of regular human insulin is between 30 minutes and an hour, and its effects on blood sugar last around 8 hours. A larger dose speeds up the onset but also delay the peak effect of regular human insulin.
Intermediate-acting insulin
This type enters the bloodstream at a slower rate but has a longer-lasting effect. It is most effective at managing blood sugar overnight, as well as between meals.

Options for intermediate-acting insulin include:

NPH human insulin: This takes between 1 and 2 hours to onset, and reaches its peak within 4 to 6 hours. It can last over 12 hours in some cases. A very small dose will bring forward the peak effect, and a high dose will increase the time NPH takes to reach its peak and the overall duration of its effect.
Pre-mixed insulin: This is a mixture of NPH with a fast-acting insulin, and its effects are a combination of the intermediate- and rapid-acting insulins.
Long-acting insulin
While long-acting insulin is slow to reach the bloodstream and has a relatively low peak, it has a stabilizing “plateau” effect on blood sugar that can last for most of the day.

It is useful overnight, between meals, and during fasts.

Long-acting insulin analogs are the only available type, and these have an onset of between 1.5 and 2 hours. While different brands have different durations, they range between 12 and 24 hours in total.

Learn more about diabetes treatment by clicking here.

Insulin is a vital hormone that controls how cells and tissues absorb energy as well as the breakdown of fats and proteins.

Clusters of cells in the pancreas called islets secrete this hormone. When cells in the body respond less to its instructions, insulin resistance is increasing.

In some people, the immune system attacks the islets, halting insulin production and leading to type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when insulin resistance coexists with a lack of compensatory increase in insulin production.

People can take insulin shots to counteract the effects of insulin resistance. There are fast, intermediate, and long-acting insulins that a person would take depending on how quickly they need to see a drop in blood sugar and the duration for which a person needs to control blood


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you have been given a reddit essay activate or a sequence

setting yourself inside the shoes of a university admissions committee member may additionally appear like a laughable little bit of advice while writing your admissions essay. but if many more college students finished this very exercise whilst considerably reviewing their admissions essays, they could walk away with lots more self guarantee that their writing might stand head and shoulders above the relaxation in their competition. There are a few commonplace, surely avoidable mistakes that human beings make in writing personal statements (admissions essays via some different name, and different schools call them the announcement of cause) that keep them out in their university or software of desire.

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1. Too many spelling and grammar errors

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2. Forgetting to exchange the call

sure, you’re possibly up for your ears in utilising for great schools and programs. when you have a listing of 4 or 5 essays to get accomplished, you’re probably the use of a similar layout for every. Did you take a look at to make certain the precise name of this system is blanketed on your essay? this is a awesome big “oops” that many candidates make. From the attitude of the admissions committee, it suggests lack of care and interest to detail. no one wants to admit a college students who did little extra than positioned up a “familiar” essay to every application on their listing.

three. answer the question

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Many have seen the reddit essay writing software

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