Clever Container Review: Can You Make Money By Helping People Organize Their Junk?

This Clever Container review will help you discover if the Clever Container is just a product that can clean your junk up or if you can seriously see yourself building a home based business that makes money. This is a company that is fairly new to the network marketing business and really only deals with home parties. But if you want to be an innovator in this company and take things to the next level, than you will have to educate yourself on how to market online.

The Clever Container business formed back in 2006 when two friends Karen Eschebach, a professional organizer, and Jennifer Weaver, a stay at home mom, had an epiphany about training people on how to organize efficiently. They didn’t just stop there. They acted on their idea and ended up obtaining a full membership in the Direct Selling Association, which is a pretty big deal.

They continued on in their venture and started to test the product in the market place by show casing it in trade shows. They found great success and potential with their product. So in the beginning of 2007, they introduced an organizing party format. This format is similar to many network marketing company’s strategies. The major difference is that they are offering a one of a kind party that has Clever Container consultants teach organizing tips, techniques and products to help keep people’s lives simple.

They do this in the comfortable setting of people’s homes so everyone can have a fun, feel relaxed and be able to get the real life demonstration of how to use the Clever Containers. The consultants demonstrate their variety of products that are used for the kitchen, crafts, closets, drawers, children, storage, offices, and more.

It is very easy and affordable to become a Clever Container consultant. To begin, you will purchase your start up package for $149.00 plus $25.00 shipping, and you will get $350.00 worth of products to go out and start hosting your own parties. You will receive between 20% to 33% commission on your sales. But as with all network marketing companies, the real money is made by building teams of consultants, which you will learn about when you join Clever Container.

The Clever Container business can be a very fun and easy way to make some extra money by throwing home parties. But if you want to make more than just extra spending cash, you are going to have to work on building a team of Clever Container consultants and teach them how to throw their own parties. The Clever Container company can help you with how to throw the parties and even give you some helpful tips to ask people to join. They will have in-depth training on their products and be able to help you through the process of becoming a consultant. But the most important part in every company is the marketing and that is going to be up to  Clever you to educate yourself.

If you are serious about running a business that allows you to make your own hours, be your own boss, and make more money than 97% of all other network marketers, then you are going to have to learn how to market online to find qualified entrepreneurs that would be interested in the Clever Container business. The time is now to start learning and implementing online strategies. The internet gives you the ability to market to 1000’s of people who are interested in what you have to offer. It sure beats asking all your friends, family, and the person you meet at the grocery store. Plus you’re eventually going to run out of friends and family to market to. So it’s time for you to step out and become a leader and learn how to market online so you can help your team of consultants do the same. Before you know it, your business will be growing and you will be living life.

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