He fights Heat Dopant being caught by the muscle man Gozo Domoto

He fights Heat Dopant being caught by the muscle man Gozo Domoto, pounding him into the T2 Metal Memory as he uses it to joker transform into the Metal Dopant.

Twofold is overwhelmed by the three Dopants until the cryptic green Dopant appears and spirits the Kamen Rider to security. Back at the association, after Philip uses the Gaia Library to assert the dread based oppressors are actually the people from “NEVER” or “Necro-Over”, undead super officials made by Foundation X. Examining 19 of the T2 Gaia Memories, Philip gets a squeezing approach his Stag Phone from Maria, referencing that they bring the sum of the Gaia Memories they have found to the Fuuto Tower improvement allude to. In any case, it winds up being a catch set up by Daido as he changes into Kamen Rider Eternal.

Disturbed with the deadbeat viewing himself as a Kamen Rider, Shotaro and Philip change into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker to fight Eternal. Ryu as Accel when he is attacked by NEVER’s sharpshooter Ken Ashihara before he uses the T2 Trigger Memory to change into the Trigger Dopant.

Returning to the association, Shotaro exhaust over Philip’s lead when Kamen Rider Skull appears in the working environment who helps Shotaro with understanding Philip’s feelings about requiring a family preceding leaving his Lost Driver and disappearing. Shotaro walks around to evaluate the Lost Driver when Reika appears in the work environment to execute him. Resulting to finding that Daido has Philip, Shotaro endeavors to fight back before she changes into the Heat Dopant and sends flying over his work region when he finds an opening in the floor and finds the thing that made the opening in his rooftop earlier.


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