Napoleon Was Right! We Are Either Kings Or Pawns

I recently saw the film, “Stardust” with Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Michele Pfeiffer, and Robert Dinero as well as few talented new actors and I was amazed by it’s beautiful message.

There is power in it’s message and symbolism. It is a ‘coming of age’ story about a journey from immaturity to maturity. But this story really caught my attention because although it was a melding of fantasy and reality (kinda the way life is) the metaphor and symbol of the “star” and of the young mans journey to finding himself–and his true love–(which doesn’t have to be an actual person, it can what makes you come alive, ie; Your use in this life!

The quest this young man chooses to go on is at first to PROVE his love for a woman whom he thinks he is in love with. In order to do so he decides to “get out of his comfort zone” track down a shooting star (that just fell from the sky mind you) and bring it back to her to prove his undying love for her. He is so caught up in his love and desire for this woman that will not have him, that he can only really think about her. He’s got a one track mind–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for it catapults him onto his necessary and somewhat fraught with danger–journey. You’ll have to see the film to hear about the rest but lets start with what this FILM taught me.

1. We are all shinning stars–and it is our birthright to shine brightly for the world to see!

2. When we live from our hearts and live out our dreams we illuminate the world, and that is what we are here to do.

3. In order to SHINE we must Burn brightly and deeply. This means if you are going to love someone, LOVE him/her completely. If you are going to work a job, make it your calling– and if you are going to have children, make them the number one priority in your life!

4. When we are on FIRE for our lives and enjoying giving of ourselves especially through our use or passion in life–we give others the permission to SHINE as well. And through this effort, we then acquire wealth and riches we knew not of, because we are in alignment with the goodness of the universe.

Napoleon was correct when he said his infamous saying, “We are either KINGS(QUEENS for us women) or Pawns.” Do you want to be the co-creator of your life and world or a “pawn”–a want to-be who cannot get on in this life because of lack of integrity?

Which do you choose, it’s entirely up to you?

Till next time,

Cynthia Farsadi

I started my own business back in 2005, with absolutely no advertising or marketing experience. I discovered there was no way I could get to where I wanted to be, self-sufficient, wealthy entrepreneur by doing the same things I had always done. I had to make a change. Today, I am extremely grateful for choosing to follow my heart and my gut–and become my boss. I now have the time freedom I always wanted because I am able to leverage my income!

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