5 Different Types of Jewelry Beads – Glass, Wooden, Metal Beads and More!

Jewelry making is becoming one of the most popular things to do and one of the most popular businesses to start in America. When jewelry is homemade, they tend to be a little more creative and personable. People can have small jewelry companies do custom orders for them, making jewelry that represents favorite sports teams and other favorite things. There are also a variety of different beads that can be used to make jewelry.


Glass beads give jewelry a unique look. They make a beautiful shine to the jewelry, and they come in any color and size. Glass beads really aren’t as breakable as people would think, but they still should not be worn by really little girls.


There are even wooden beads that can be used to make jewelry. These beads also come in every color and size, so it is easier to get the kind of look that the jewelry maker was going for. Wooden beads can also be engraved easily with anything that the customer wants to have on it. When the jewelry is just the brown wood color, they are very versatile and can go with any outfit. This kind of bead is also a great art project for children, because they can paint them and put glitter on them before making their own jewelry.

Metal Beads

What line of jewelry would be complete without metal? Of course there are metal beads used to make jewelry as well. These kinds of beads look great on leather jewelry. The gold metal beads work well with brown leather, and the silver metal beads work well with black leather. The leather and metal beaded jewelry are made as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even earrings. Metal beads also come in different colors other than silver and gold, and they are normally really shiny.


Plastic beads are used for all kinds of jewelry, but they are especially great for children’s jewelry. They won’t break unless under extreme circumstances, so children can wear jewelry with plastic beads while playing outside. The plastic beads are also usually the kind of beads that come in jewelry making kits for children. There is also a way for children and adults to make their own plastic beads out of plastic pop bottles.


Believe it or not, but some jewelry is actually made from clay beads. These kind of beads are a lot more breakable than most of the other types of beads, but they can be worn without them breaking as long as people are careful with them. Clay beads have been made for a very long time, and they were actually one of the first forms of bead that was made. This is another great project for children and even adults to work on, because it is actually quite fun to roll the clay and mix different colors of clay together.

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