Lying to Your Prospects and Causing Them to Quit

Know what I really hate?

I hate it when someone is prospecting a person to join their organization and they make the misleading statement that by joining a MLM you will have TONS of free time.

Know why I hate that?

Because that is not exactly true.

When you tell a person if they join your organization they will have tons of free time, it makes it seem as if they will have nothing to do all day but do whatever it is they wish to do, and that is not the case.

And when they actually join and work really hard the first few months and still haven’t reached $20,000 a month, they quit because they were under the impression that all they had to do was sign up, have tons of free time and make $20,000 a month.

I feel that making that statement is false advertising.

Yes, if you are in a MLM organization your time is YOUR time but it is far from free.

I believe a more accurate statement would be that the greatest asset in working a MLM is that you are your own boss; therefore you have more CONTROL over your hours… not that you will have tons of FREE time.

The first few years in your MLM you will have to work harder than you probably ever had to work before in order to establish your business and make the kind of money you desire to make. That does not equate to FREE time. Every so called “free” moment should be dedicated to working your business.

I understand the point they are trying to make. But it is misleading at best.

When you start your own business, the “time” benefit is this: You do not have to get up at a certain time each day in order to take a shower, iron your clothes, and drive or commute to an office which you HAVE to be there by 8 or 9 am. You also are not stuck at that office all day until 4 or 6 pm.

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