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While there are many ways for businesses to market themselves, there are several ways residents can help promote their local businesses as well. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it can have a huge impact on the local economy for a small town. Below please find several ways you can get involved to help your community grow and thrive:

1. Become an Active Member of Your Local Chamber of Commerce – I moved to a small town community in 2010 and when the opportunity came up, I became involved in the local Chamber of Commerce. From the beginning of my home business in 2012, I offered specialized services so becoming a member of the local Chamber really didn’t gain me any new clients, but I went anyway because I had a passion to see our town be successful and develop into a thriving community. Not only have I met some incredible people by attending the Chamber meetings, but I have had the opportunity to help our town grow and continue to be a part of ways to bring people to our community so our businesses will be successful.

2. Subscribe and Read Your Local Newspaper – We are very fortunate to have an incredible local newspaper in our community that provide a wealth of information, both on the personal and business side. Reading your local newspaper will help keep you informed on what is going on in your community and can provide ways to connect with other businesses and residents on a personal note. It helps you know what events are coming up that you may want to attend whether it be a Home & Garden Show or a fundraiser for someone in need. I have found out that small towns are incredible at coming together to support other residents in need, and I feel it is important to be a part of those events when you can.

3. Promote Local Events – So you have read your local newspaper and know what is going on in your community. Now it is time to share that knowledge so all can reap the benefits! You can do this by talking about the event or even sharing the event on your Facebook page. Face it, most everyone in this day and age has a Facebook page and what a better way to promote a local theatre or fundraiser than sharing the information on your page. Promoting such events get people out in the community and help the events be even more successful.

4. Like Business Facebook Pages – Most businesses these days al

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