Vacuum Formable Plastic Sheet for Medical Device Packaging

When it comes to packing, storing, shipping, transporting and delivering sensitive medical devices, the utmost attention to protection must be paid. To ensure even the most delicate medical devices maintain their important functionality in the midst of bumping, jarring and bouncing, vacuum formable plastic sheets are used in the creation of packaging for such devices.

Vacuum forming is a process whereby high temperature is applied to a sheet of plastic to make it malleable. The plastic is then stretched to fit a mold for the item (like a medical device) that it is going to hold. A suction of air or a vacuum is then force fed to the mold to form a packaging bed for the device as the plastic cools. The packaging this process forms is airtight to prevent contamination of the contents. It also perfectly surrounds the device so that it doesn’t move around inside of the packing during shipping and delivery.

Medical grade quality vacuum formable plastic sheets require stringent quality control. If particles or environmental factors are not properly controlled then the medical devices inside the vacuum formed seal will lose their sanitation. Therefore, during the manufacturing of vacuum formable plastic sheets for medical device packaging, the highest attention to detail must be paid.

A reputable plastics provider ensures this scrutiny takes place. A specialist in the provision of vacuum formable plastic sheet for medical devices uses clean room facilities during the manufacturing process. Medical grade materials are also employed to ensure the highest quality hygienic standards are met for both medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

A plastics specialist can also ensure that the most common problems encountered during vacuum forming are eliminated. These include too much moisture being absorbed, thereby forming weakening bubbles within the layers of the plastic, the formation of webs around the mold, and the sticking of the device to the mold. All of these issues that are mere nuisances with other types of products can be potentially very serious, even deadly, when it comes to medical devices.

Vacuum formable plastic packaging can encompass everything from blister packs to clamshells. The beauty of the vacuum forming process lies in the versatility that allows it to be formed into precisely the right packaging for the medical devices it will be protecting. Because they are not molded to their contents no other types of packaging can offer the same kind of safeguarding that vacuum formable plastic sheets can.

Yet despite their unparalleled ability to protect, vacuum formable plastic packagings are easy to open once they arrive at their destination. This swift opening is vital in medical situations where time is of the essence and where injury to the medical staff charged with opening the device will only slow down matters even more.

Whether it is an enclosure for a very large medical device like medical imaging and diagnostic equipment (e.g., magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines) or a sealed mold for something as small as a pharmaceutical vial, vacuum formable plastic sheet maintains its sanitation throughout the transportation and delivery cycle.

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