Tiny Bubbles In Your Brain

We know people who are stuck in their story about life, love, money, sex and career. We know who THEY are but they also know who WE are. Learn to expand your tiny bubble to expand your influence in all areas of your life. Learn this technique in three minutes and use it for life.

You know the kind of person who seems stuck in a tiny bubble. They see themselves as the person who has to struggle with finances. Or they see themselves as the person who is always abused, hurt & harmed by others. Or they see themselves as the person who always needs to caretake and look after others. They are stuck in a tiny bubble of consciousness. Round and round it spins re-telling the same story over and over again.

The bad news is that WE are stuck in a tiny bubble, too. Our bubble might be bigger than theirs, but we’re still stuck.

The good new is that we can expand our bubble and our experience by using our awareness and the simple mental technique you’re about to learn. Expand your tiny bubble in the are of sex and sex gets better. Expand your tiny bubble in the area of money and more money is available to you. Expand it in love…get more love. Expand faith and get stronger faith. And so on.

Here’s how to do the Tiny Bubble Technique which I’ve taught to hundreds of clients over the years. It’s simple, quick and quite surprising what kind of real-world results it can quickly produce. Imagine your most stuck area (money, love, career, etc.) is trapped in a tiny bubble. Now expand the bubble in one direction. Then expand it additionally in another direction. Then expand it 360 degrees around, above and below you. You’re creating more space, that’s all. Take a moment and notice you have more “elbow room” in this area to maneuver. Neat, huh?

Think of stretching a ping pong ball sized bubble to the size of an apple. Then onto the size of a basketball and onto the size of a beach ball. Finally stretch it to the size of an entire planet. Have fun with the visual image.

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