Have You Stubbed Your Toe Today?

There is one secret to success that every college student should take to heart. Nothing gets done when you do nothing. You must take action and move in one direction or another, if you are to accomplish your goals.

Unfortunately, many talented students are afraid to step off the curb. They let their fear of failure hold them back. They sit on the sidelines and play it safe. However, they will never find success if they don’t decide on a goal, select a strategy, face their fears and initiate action. Yes, they will make mistakes, have a few setbacks and may occasionally stub their toes.

“Only people who are going someplace can stub their toes.”

Taking action, moving forward and accepting a few risks are all part of life and are some of the requirements for success. Here are a few others:

Establish A Clear Goal – To be successful, start with a clear goal. How else will you know when you have succeeded. Write one short sentence that clearly identifies your goal.

Keep Your Goal In Front Of You – Print out your goal statement and tape it to the front of your computer. It’s important for you to see and think about your goal each day.

Prepare A Written Plan – Whatever your goal, there will be steps that must be achieved. Put together your written plan with time deadlines for each step. Be prepared to change it and add to it, as you move along.

Face Your Fears – You can’t allow your fears to defeat you before you even get started. At times, everyone is afraid. However, successful people deal with those fears. They find the courage to achieve wonderful things, in spite of their fears.

Identify Resources – In many cases, you won’t be able to accomplish your goal without additional resources. Will you need money, equipment and other people in order to achieve your goal? Make a list of everything you will need.


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