Each To Their Own Better Life

A few years ago I was involved in a mortgage brokerage company that promoted the idea of living a better life. The seminars that were regularly held featured pictures of idyllic tropical islands, large mansions, ocean going yachts and the like. Each time I saw those pictures, and I was often the one presenting, so I saw them often, I would cringe internally. That was not my idea of a better life. Nor is it necessarily your idea of a better life.

What the term “a better life” actually means for an individual is, in fact, as diverse as the number of people who even have such a concept. Even within families, living a better life means different things to the individual members. For example, I know my idea of what it means to be living a better life is something quite different from the better life my wife would enjoy. It is different again for each of our two children. Fortunately they are both grown adult out in their own pursuits of a better life, so they don’t figure as strongly as they otherwise might. But my point is that ‘one size, shape, idea does not fit all!’ Never has, never will.

Rather than conform to other people’s perception of a better life, work towards achieving your own, whatever that happens to be. For me, my life goal is “to resource an environment where people who so desire might be enabled to live a better life, whatever that means for them.” In a very real sense I am already achieving that, partly through my websites, but in other ways as well.

Now your idea of a better life will undoubtedly be different from mine. My wife’s idea of a better life, for example is to be able to have the time to do her craftwork, potter in the garden, babysit our grandson and watch some sporting events on television. Quite different from mine, to which I say viva la difference.

Yours will be different yet again. Does that make yours or mine better than the other? Of course not. We are different people. The older we each get the more distinct we are from each other. That is because although we may start from a similar point as we grow and experience different things. In a very real sense we are each the sum total of our yesterdays and because the sum total of my yesterdays is different from the sum total of your yesterdays we arrive at this point quite different from each other. Again viva la difference.

Your version of a better life will be quite different from, but no less legitimate than, mine. Each is something we aspire to and after all, you are the one who will lead your better life, why shouldn’t you be the one who designs it? All you have to do is get there! And that is where we may have a few things in common.

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