CPA or Cost Per Action

As mentioned in my other articles, blogging is extremely popular when communicating with your market. It is an excellent tool which can be used to sell to your market or niche. The affiliate marketing blog model has become an excellent way of generating an income from home. I use WordPress for all my bogging.

As an affiliate your are the middle person between the company you are representing and the end consumer. When done properly it can be a very effective money making model. As you are the affiliate you will get paid commissions.

There are various ways of monetizing your blog and the success will depend on matching high converting affiliate products with the right market or niche. I will discuss a few briefly, there are lots more, which can be found online.

Google AdSense. This is extremely popular and easy to use. Google display ads which are based on the content of your site. All you need to do is open an account, once done then you get your HTML code which is put on your site, its just a matter of copying and pasting.

Banner Ads. This is where ads are placed on your site and as your readership increases so will the chance of them clicking on the banners and if they purchase your will get paid a commission.

ClickBank. This is an affiliate program that deals with digital and info products. It’s very popular as it’s commission rate is between 50% and 75%. You place links and ads on your site like AdSense. The code is got from the ClickBank back office for the various products.

Amazon And eBay. These affiliate programs deal mainly with physical products. eBay is difficult to become an affiliate for Amazon is much easier, Amazon commission can be as low as 3%.

CPA or Cost Per Action. This type of monetization model involves person clicking on an ad and doing a particular type of action such as filling out an application form, giving an email address or zip code.


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