You’ll Exclaim After Happily Using Venster uPVC Windows and Doors

If you’re an individual house owner or property-builders, when buying the housing infrastructure, invariably you’ll look into certain essentialities. Particularly when you’re searching for modern-technology Doors, Windows and Profiles, you are sure to expect exemplary quality. These materials should be longer-lasting; energy-efficient; no pollution; secure and safe; flexible and easy to assemble or dismantle; yet sturdy to resist water, corrosion, fire and such other perils like insects and at the same time, cost-effective.

If you want something that fulfills all your above requirements, then it’s strongly recommended that you should visit Aparna Venster for modern uPVC Doors, Windows and Profiles with the guarantee slogan “Fit and Forget“.

As a consumer, you’ll be immensely happy, when the manufacturer fulfills the promises made at the time of purchase; and this is done 100% to your entire satisfaction, by Aparna Venster.

Now the very first item in the specialty features of these uPVC products is High Quality. The expertise of German Technologists is behind in evolving the manufacturing process of State-of-the-Art Technology Products. Secondly, the manufacturing process is certified by the world-renowned ISO-9001 Certification, to reassure flawless, quality-assured and excellent end-products, in every aspect.

Next, when dealing with Aparna Venster, you reap the maximized benefit of using their 26 years of experience, in distributing building materials since 1990. You can make use of their wealth of knowledge and expertise, in respect of design, fabrication and installation of uPVC products, tailor-made to meet your needs and aspirations. This way, you ensure the most cost-effective and efficient building techniques, using their skills in your construction activities.

All that is needed is you confide with Aparna Venster about your needs for uPVC products, Windows, Doors and Profiles etc. and relax. Their experts will take care of your needs efficiently and effectively, to make you exclaim with joy “Amazing Aparna Venster!”

You’ll be happy to know that in view of the core-values adopted by Aparna Venster, namely Transparency; Integrity; Simplicity; Consistency and Future-readiness, they justifiably boast they’re associated with every landmark project worth the name, constructed in Telangana, India for the last 15 years. These prestigious customers can never be wrong.

Another benefit is Aparna Venster are in a position to supply their high-tech and high-quality uPVC Doors, Windows and Profiles, wherever you want them across the country. As such, you need not roam long for getting your uPVC products requirements of same quality, with Aparna Venster stamp. Sit tight after ordering online and get the materials delivered to your construction site promptly.

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How To Overcome Enterprise Mobility Challenges?

Enterprise mobility is a consummate conduit for the improvement of various organizational processes, ranging from employee performance, workforce management, to customer service and many other key facets of modern enterprises. However, mobility adds a new layer of challenge for decision makers to deal with such as compliance, security, and app development. To maintain a positive environment for the employees and to achieve ROI, admins must weigh these challenges against the benefits.

Mobility introduces innate concerns on implementation level for IT departments to combat: Mobile devices can access corporate data from different locations worldwide all day every day and mobiles have multiple platforms, operating systems, and versions fragmenting their market. However, mobility is an indispensable component of gaining benefits over competitors both as an employer, and a business, in the today’s business world. To have a successfully implement mobility in enterprises, IT admins need to must plan for the data security and to stay compliant while mobile developers must build applications that employees want to use.

Here’s a list of five enterprise mobility issues, their impact on an organization, and suggestions for the most effective ways to address and overcome those issues.

Mobile App Strategy

Every enterprise should be attempting to shape an understanding of how to leverage mobile technology to improve their business operations. An effective, forward-thinking and robust mobile strategy ensures applications that bring value to the business. It involves crafting portfolio that includes apps to meet the goals of every mobile initiative as well as the overall business objectives of enterprises. It will help decision makers to finalize which mobile application initiatives can add the most value.

Next, if enterprises plan to develop mobile apps in-house, they must choose the right and standardized tools to make the support, training and updates pretty easier. If enterprises don’t have sufficient and reliable resources, then they should turn to third-party developers.

Above all, there should be an establish standards and governance for app development and usage across the company. With a set of standards, an enterprise can build secure applications while measuring the app performance.

Once applications are deployed throughout the enterprise, it is then crucial that they can be rightly hosted and maintained by the IT department. Crafting mobile applications without considering their complete lifecycle and the related support turn into a pain point down the road.

Enterprises need to have a dynamic strategy that eventually focuses on present opportunities and considers scalability to maximize the potential of mobility for them.

Mobile Data Security

Mobile security is the highest priority for most of the enterprise mobility implementers. Instilling the adequate security measures puts enterprises into a wider spectrum of challenges.

To handle security challenges, appropriate authentication needs to be in place across all mobile channels to access to the organization’s network controlled at the suitable levels while managing different user identities in different cases. Apps should also prevent any sort of data leakage when being used on different personal devices. Use of unauthorized applications, email & file sharing and other concerns makes it crucial for the IT leaders to maintain the proficiency of protected mobile channels to avoid the security measures from hampering productivity or satisfaction levels of employees.

Secure mobile applications can go a long way towards preventing data loss – mainly by encrypting enterprise data and seceding it from any type of personal assets on a mobile device. Users’ limit and control can be set by admins to ensure no data is transferred outside the container.

Ensuring secure networks with measures of protection requires authentication of enterprise apps and reinforcing some form of agile device management solution.

Mobile User Experience

Crafting a usage milieu on a mobile device allows employees to do the same errand that they do at their desk, from virtually anywhere and anytime. A beneficial user experience of the apps being leveraged can help enterprises overcome numerous challenges and streamline tasks while maximizing the productivity and efficiency of employees.

One of the major challenges in the strategic decision is to encourage and achieve user adoption of the mobile applications. One way to overcome this challenge is by offering an intuitive and satisfying mobile experience. A great UX can help to reap the desired awards with mobility.

Device Loss & Malware Protection

What happens when your employee forgets a mobile device somewhere, and a hacker gets into a company’s data? Fortunately, to deal with this, iOS has a kill switch to help admins prevent devices from being activated, while Android has a stored data encryption on its devices.

Additionally, threats like malware and surveillanceware can leak data from the mobile apps. To prevent this, enterprises should not let its employees install applications from anywhere they want, especially from unauthorized apps.

In Closing

Enterprise mobility is highly transformative and hence will always bring a range of challenging decisions for key players to make, as well as difficulties with the complexities of mobile app development and implementation within the organization. For a successful enterprise mobility implementation, IT admins need to figure out how to stay compliant, protect data, and improve user experiences.
As long as the security, the usability and the maintenance of the applications are considered into the mobile app development strategy, an enterprise can expect ROI and adoption among the workforce.



Making Money with Articles: Article Directories

Article directories are websites that house free articles. These articles are usually put there by whoever owns the copyright to them as a promotion method. Each article has the owners byline placed under it so that those who eventually read the article will know who wrote it (or at least who owns it) and will be able to get in contact with or visit their website for further information. Article marketing is the craze these days and one would be foolish not to promote their product or service with articles.

Article directories are a great place to put your articles so that they will make you money. By using this method, people who are interested in your product or service will see your article, view you as an expert in the subject, and will visit your website. Even if you cannot write or do not have any knowledge on the subject on which you are promoting (for example for you run an affiliate website), you can always hire a writer to do the work for you. Getting quality articles written will be expensive up front, but they will pay for themselves in no time, either through affiliate sales or selling your own services, and everything from then on is pure profit. I personally use articles in almost all of my online endeavors and I am currently looking to use articles in my offline business also.

Let’s take a real life example. Imagine that you are an accountant working from home. You write an article on an accounting topic and place it on various article directories. Those who are looking for the subject you wrote about will read your article, see that you have the knowledge and skill that is needed to do a job for them, and visit your website or contact you via e-mail. Your article just gained you a new client who may use your services regularly, but will definitely give you a nice profit at least once; and many times over and over again.

Furthermore, since you have posted it on a free article directory, others who have affiliate websites about accounting will inevitably use your article for their website. Since they must attach your byline to it, this will bring you even more exposure for every website that re-posts your article. This because you will be benefiting of off the traffic that they get to their website. It forms a kind of viral effect and can grow into something big with well written articles.

There are numerous article directories out there for you to utilize. Your best bet is to put a copy of each of your articles on every one for maximum exposure. It will eventually help to bring more traffic and customers to your website, which will lead to new orders and more profit.



Best iPhone Apps For Catching Up on National News

Some of the best iPhone apps aren’t games, but the uniquely crafted and assembled huge iPhone news apps! These days, there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing the latest local, national and world news. The Internet made getting information and news of any kind more accessible, but gadgets like the iPhone have taken it even further.

Now with all the customization taking place, you should have very little trouble finding out your local news source now has an iPhone app, which you’ll be able to find easily at! This is great for iPhone users for a number of reasons and 99% of the time those apps are free! What do I like best about having a local news sources’ app on my iPhone? Well, it allows me to catch up on the local news anywhere while finding out things I really want to know: like what’s the weather going to be like tonight?

Because of all this, I would highly recommend that you find a local news app made available by a television station, radio station, or newspaper that you trust. To supplement your “local” app, I would say you need at least one or two of the following best iPhone apps for national news. All are free and have great content and layout. Here are ten of the best iPhone apps for national news:

AP Mobile

Get the latest news from the always-reliable Associated Press using this awesome iPhone application. What is the best trait of this app? It’s free! You will never worry about being out of the loop when it comes to important news.


Bloomberg is the undisputed authority when it comes to financial news all over the globe. With this iPhone news app, latest breaking news on the stock exchange and the latest business trends are easily accessible.


Get content from the world renowned New York Times using your iPhone. They’re really turning this app into one of the elite iPhone apps. Download it for free, play with it for a while and you’ll understand what I’m talking about…

NPR News

This iPhone app from National Public Radio is probably one of the most used apps in many people’s collection. You either dig NPR or you don’t. Simply enough, if you’re an NPR fan, you must get this app and if you aren’t, it still may be worth a try.

USA Today

This app will provide you with all the national news you could possibly want. The site is broken down much as the classic newspaper is. You’ll get that feeling of checking out a fresh USA Today newspaper every time you open this app.


The cult following of the Wall Street Journal is similar to the hold NPR has on its fans. Similarly, this app doesn’t disappoint the newspaper’s fans and followers. Get the latest global news, in depth stories and reporting at your fingertips. There are a bunch of options available for the user to customize the app to his/her liking. That and the other features available make this one of the best iPhone apps.

TIME Mobile

This is one of the best iPhone apps to have if you want to delve a bit deeper into a couple of stories. Or, as I like to do with TIME magazines, it’s great to flip through and learn a “bunch about nothing” or something like that. Anyways, I really love this app and they’ve done a great job configuring this app for their readers.


This Yahoo! app can do much more than simply bring you the news. But for that reason, I believe this is truly a must-have app. This is one of the best iPhone apps because it can bring you news about any possible topic from literally any source in the world.

This is a news-reader app that is based off the ultra-successful Popular Science magazine. If you like to keep up on the science world, this is a great iPhone app to have. Gadgets, green tech, scientific research and many more fun topics can fill your iPhone with plenty of fun news to read about.

Historically known for its left-leaning news commentaries rather than for its straight news, they’re changing all that. This app lets you access the nonetheless authoritative content of the Huffington Post’s website.



Take All Your Documents You Will Need on Your Next Trip

When you travel, it is important to take your travel documents when you leave for your trip. This simple protocol is often neglected by many as they feel like there are not much need to have their travel documents with them.

There are times when you will be asked for proof for travel arrangements or accommodations even if you have already paid and booked for it earlier. Whether you travel with a group or just as an individual, you should always have the papers handy should there be a need for them.

On some occasions, you will have to travel using multiple plane carriers. When this happens, usually you will be issued paper tickets that you will have to present for flight accommodation. This is why it is important to have proof of flight ticket purchases from departure, ticket purchases during the trip, and return flight tickets.

When traveling to foreign countries, you will need to present your passport and visa if necessary. If you used the services of a travel agent, you would have received a visa clearance. There are times when you will need to issue a proof or other supporting documents to immigration officials.

When crossing borders, you may be asked for your passport too most specially when traveling through the borders of Canada, Mexico and the United States. When traveling in Europe however, you may cross the borders without having to present your passport often. For countries that charge landing or entrance fees, always ensure that you have the documents with you so not to be charged twice.

Below is a short checklist of the important things to bring with you during travel.


  • Passport and other Identification Cards/Documents
  • Visa
  • Paper and printed airline tickets
  • Accommodation confirmation numbers (flights, car rentals, hotels, tours, etc.)
  • Itinerary details
  • Emailed vouchers (tours, hotels, cruises, etc.)
  • Phone and email contacts for travel agents and embassies
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Extra passport size photos
  • Emergency phone numbers

The list above is just a condensed checklist. Think of everything that you paid for your trip and bring those documents with you as proof. Doing so, will help clear you easily from any hassles that you may encounter during your travel.


Choosing the Right Web Designer

Creating your web site can be a tricky process. Choosing the best web design company for your site is extremely important. Unless you run a web-based business, you probably do not have web design experience within your company. Building your web site will take time and a little homework!

To create a web site for your business, follow these 4 simple steps:


  1. Establish your goals
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Pick a web design company
  4. Pick a web hosting company


Establish Your Goals

Before you begin looking for company to help you design and build your web site, take the time to understand the goals of your web site. This will be extremely important to help set expectations with the web design company you choose.

In order to set your web site goals, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Why do you want a web site?
  • Are you selling something?
  • Do you have a catalog of products that changes on a regular basis?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Do you already have a brand?
  • What is your industry?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Do they already have web sites? If so, what do they look like?
  • If you’re selling something, will you accept credit cards over the internet?
  • How soon do you want your web site?
  • What happens if you never create a web site for your business?


Take the time to answer each of the above questions and if you have time, write the answers down on a sheet of paper. These are the same questions most web design companies will ask you before they begin to create your site. If you have these questions answered up front, you will have some criteria for choosing the right web design company. For example, if you are a real estate agent, and want to publish listings on your web site, you should seek a web design company that knows about the real estate business and has created web pages for other real estate agents.

Determine Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on your web site. Web sites can cost you anywhere from $100 to $100,000 depending upon what you want it to do. Know your spending constraints before you begin negotiating with design companies. Whatever you do, do not tell a web design company what your budget is!! Always get pricing based on your needs, not you budget.

Pick a Web Design Company

Your choice of a web design company is a very important step. Take your time to investigate all of your options. Here are some important items to consider.

Design vs. Build

Depending upon the scope of your web site, you may need to choose two different companies. Building a web site is a highly technical process. Designing a web site is a highly creative process. Many advertising firms specialize in web site design which does not necessarily require any web development skills whatsoever. The process of creating a web site is similar to the process of building a new home. Before you ask a construction company to start building, you first seek out an architect who creates a blueprint of your house taking into account what you want (number of stories, square footage, etc.). Creating a detailed blueprint before construction begins can help you accurately estimate the final price. Without the blueprint, you may end up paying a lot of money for a house that does not fit your needs. Creating a web site is exactly the same except most web site “builders” also claim to be “designers”. The good news is that you can look at other sites a web design company has created (like looking at other homes that a home builder has made). Make sure you ask the web design company what their process is for designing a web site vs. building a web site. They should understand the difference between these two concepts. If they don’t, they’re probably builder that think they can also architect.

Evaluate Experience

Has the web design company created web sites similar to yours? Do they have relevant industry experience? As with any services company, choosing someone that has relevant experience. If you want to sell products through your web site and accept credit card payments, does the web design company you are considering have experience doing just that?

Review the Portfolio

A well established web design company will have a solid portfolio of web sites that they have created for other clients. Ask for links to other site the design company has created and review each one. Do you like what you see? Do the sites have a style that appeals to you? In addition to reviewing web sites, ask for customer references. Contact their clients and ask them about their experience with the web design company. Were they happy with the results? Did they get what they paid for? How much did they pay? Would they recommend them? How long did it take? What didn’t they like about the company? How responsive was the company when they had questions?

Compare Prices

Pricing for creating a web site can vary. Typically, web design companies will charge one of three ways:


  • Time and materials: price is variable based on the actual number of hours spent working on your site. For example, a web design company may charge you $75 per hour. If it takes 100 hours to create your web site, your price would end up being $7,500.
  • Fixed Price: some design companies will charge you a fixed fee based on a fixed set of requirements. If you outline your requirements very carefully, many web design companies will quote you a single price.
  • Component Pricing: some design companies will charge “by the page”. By creating a price based on the number of pages, you can control the cost by designing a specific number of pages. Buyer beware: some design companies will charge by the page but will have “special pricing” for components such as custom graphics, animated images, and the like.


The most important step in pricing is to make sure the potential design company outline all of the prices associated with the work and puts it all in writing. Never enter into a deal unless all of the costs are well understood up front. Also make sure that you understand what “done” means. Try and structure the payments such that a significant portion of the fees (20%) are not due until you “accept” the final web site. Include the agreed-upon dates in your contract and provisions for what will happen if these dates are not met.



Developing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

With the innovative advancements in technology, marketing has become tougher like never before. The vast and broad virtual platform offers abundant resources to its users which make it hard for the business organizations to reach out. If a business product or service can’t grab the attention of customers, then there are a lot of options out there who are competing hard to avail that business. So that is why you need to hire the services of an influencer marketing agency to work for you. Connecting with the influential people in industry for promoting the business is not a new idea. Branding the products with celebrities has been there since ages. Let us see how an influencer marketing strategy can help you cut through the clutter and reach the targeted audience.

What is an influencer? A person with a great expertise in a niche subject matter and the one who is respected for his opinion is termed as an influencer. Moreover, they should have an active online social profile with huge number of followers. Celebrities, journalists, analysts, brand advocates and bloggers are some of the common option. Advent of social media outlets such as Instagram and YouTube has also given rise to a new generation of influencers. When an influencer shares information or posts an update, it will be read and followed by a large number of people. That is where the business benefit lies. If these influencing personalities speak for your brand, then your business will reach out to their followers. Different from other traditional marketing methods, this luxury brand marketing method is powerful enough to influence the purchasing decisions of customers.

How to take advantage of influencer marketing platform? You need to devise the right marketing strategy to reap the benefits. Before launching the program, make it a point to define your goals. What are you looking to accomplish with this marketing strategy? Do you have a long term vision? Is it to drive traffic to your website or promote a new product? When you are clear about your ultimate goal, then it would be easy to design the road map to success. The next step is defining your audience. Who are you trying to reach and how you are planning to reach them? Determine your key buyers, figure out the challenges in reaching them and decide the exact way to connect with them. Last but the not the least, choose the right influencers in your industry. Who do you want to work with? Depending on your business goals and intended audience, you can find out the right influencer for your business.



Getting Your Next Athletic Pair Of Shoes

There are some people who base their personal view regarding another individual’s personality on the type and style of shoes they wear. Although this is not a generally accepted practice, it is extremely common for people to reach a conclusion solely based on the appearance of the apparel another individual selects to wear. The truth is that, as any element of a person’s appearance, shoes do actually contribute to the conception others share and do classify people to the right or wrong category. Regardless if this kind of immediate generalization is right or wrong, shoes can enhance or destroy an otherwise good image. Thus, as different human practices develop, shoe-fashion has gone through great transformation over the years. In addition to colors and styles, evolutionary materials and improved design patterns have drawn people’s attention to the actual fit of the shoes they are about to buy. As the shoe market continues to increase, and more diverse needs have to be met, shoe manufacturers are constantly researching in order to satisfy all those demanding markets, like that of athletic shoes.

It is really unknowing to leave a shoe store after spending a week’s salary on the latest “hot” release of athletic shoes endorsed by a world-wide famous player, only to discover that they really hurt when you attempt to play or run. In fact, very few people take under consideration anything else except their athletic shoes good looks while they check out the promoted models of their favorite sports shoes brands. Considering that about 25% of the US population needs some type of specialized shoe due to their foot structure (flat-footed, pronators, or very high arches), people should be paying great attention to the athletic shoe design that best matches their foot type.

Foot and shoe experts recognize five basic categories of shoe types. One should be familiar with all of them, as preferring to buy one instead of another is directly related to the foot type a person has and the type of exercise he or she is interested in performing. Take for instance the motion-control shoes. Rigid and durable, this type of athletic shoes is control-oriented and known to limit people’s inclination to assume a prone position. It is also a good choice for people that suffer from flat feet. But providing the right cushioning and support is also a matter of good shoe stability. Although someone might not suffer from any severe feet problem, like pronation or supination, it is always wise to buy shoes that durable and provide the needed support. People with high foot arches for example, should select cushioned shoes, or if you have no motion-control problems select lightweight training/running type of shoes. Trail shoes are best if you are practicing a sport like off-road running, or have to compete in inclement weather conditions and need extra traction.

Now that you have a rough idea of what kind of athletic shoes you should be looking for, it is best if you visit your shoes store when you do not absolutely need to do so. This way, you can spend more time with the sales person and ask questions for the shoe types, features, brands, or just to compare prices. If you are not in a hurry to get out, you will be able to enjoy the fact that each different shoe type description can give you knew ideas on when, where or how to wear them. Additionally, performing some elementary online research can further assist your decision and probably by the end of the week you will be able to go back to the store well-informed. With 2 to 4 pairs in mind to try out you will be able then to concentrate on the fun stuff, like the shoes’ colors and sole footprint. Just remember that shopping athletic shoes when you are well-informed will save you time and money. It’s like when you visit the supermarket; never go in there “hungry.”



Introduction To Blogging

Okay, you’ve decided start a blog and you’ve put together a rough publishing plan: how often you’re going to post long and short articles, who is writing, who is editing, who is managing the webmaster-related tasks (blogmaster). [See link at bottom.]

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably going to have to wear all of these hats. But if you’re prepared, the next step is to set the blog up so you can start posting articles (sometimes called “entries” or even “posts”). (All links shown at the end of this article.)

You have two blog hosting choices:

  1. Set up your blog on a free host such as Google’s, or Typepad’s Livejournal or WordPress’s
  2. Set up your blog on your own domain that you’ve registered and that you own.

This article will focus on choice #1. A follow-up article will discuss choice #2.


If you’ve visited any number of blogs, no doubt you’ve seen little text ads crying out “free blog”. There are numerous choices and this article has no intention of listing all of them. While I have registered with several free hosts including Typepad and WordPress, I’ve found that Google’s uses a very simple, easy to use blogging platform and client (interface) called – so I’ll focus my example on these services.

To clarify, has both the blogging “platform” and the “client“. A blogging platform is the software that generates the blog pages for you. Examples include MovableType, WordPress, TextPattern, Drupal, and Every one of these platforms has an administrative panel page where you can manage your blog – add, edit, and delete articles; add article categories; etc.

The admin panel page is typically called the blogging client and its features are platform-specific. However, there are standalone software applications – also called blogging clients – that you can download to your computer, and which do not work from a web browser.

With these standalone clients, you can write your blog entries and pretty much post to any of the platforms. That means you can have one client to manage multiple blogs on several free (or private) hosts. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) I’ve tried numerous standalone clients, but use two of them exclusively.

One is’s BlogWriter, which is a true standalone client. The other is’s Firefox Extension (PFF), which works as a panel within the Firefox web browser. (While I find both of them highly efficient, I am not necessarily endorsing them.)

Other choices are Qumana, w. bloggar, Loch Journal, amongst many others. For those of you familiar with Microsft Word, has a plugin that lets you manage your blog directly from MS-Word. You don’t have to learn a whole new interface – beyond the setup stage.

As this article is intended for absolute beginners to blogging, I’m focusing on’s platform and default interface. The steps are relatively simple, and you don’t require a degree in computer programming to set up a blog – unlike some of the other platforms.

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account. (I’m using them as an example. Feel free to pick whatever you like.) The form will ask you to enter your real name, a screen name, a password, and email address. If you have a GMail (Google Mail) account, use that. For your screen name, keep in mind that it will appear at the bottom of each article/entry that you post live to your blog. So pick something suitable. Rules for names are provided.
  2. Now create a new blog.
    • You’ll be asked to enter a title for the blog and a sub-domain name.
      • The title will appear at the top of your blog at all times – unless you change the page template. (More in a future article.)
      • The sub-domain name will be part of the domain “”. For example, if you are starting a blog to promote your plumbing fixtures store, you may want to use something like “home-plumbing-tips”.
        • This will mean that your blog address/URL will be (Some bloggers and readers don’t like hyphenated sub-domain names, but I see nothing wrong with them.)
        • You could, of course, use something like “plumbing-fixtures”, but it will not convey the idea that you are providing helpful tips.
        • Now it’s entirely possible that someone has already registered the subdomain you want on If so, you’ll get a warning message and you’ll have to choose another sub-domain name.
        • As a result of this, some of my blogs have fairly lengthy sub-domain names, which are easier to remember because they’re hyphenated.
    • You’ll also be asked a number of other optional questions, and be given a chance to enter the URL of a digital picture of yourself, if you have one elsewhere. (There are several services, including, that let you upload pictures and graphics for free. The only drawback is that the terms generally say that in return for free hosting, other people can use your images, with some conditions.)


    • Next, choose a page template. All of the free hosts have some pre-formatted page templates. Pick one from the samples displayed, and you can customize it later – although this does take a bit of technical know-how. Once the template is selected, (or what have you) will create the blog for you, and you can start posting entries.


  • Post a “Welcome to Such and Such Blog” entry.


  • You should see a button that says something like “start posting“. What’ll happen is a edit page with a form will appear. There will be fields for the article/ entry title, the body text, and a date/time stamp (which defaults to right now). There will also be a number of tabs that let you use the large text area like a rich-text editor. Play with the tabs and “buttons” a bit; get acquainted.
  • On at least, there is a link that says “show preview“. You can click this link and see what your article will look like formatted (but not with your template features). When you’re happy with the “welcome” article, click the “publish” button. (If you’re not happy but don’t want to lose what you’ve written, you can click the “save as draft” button and come back later to edit and publish.)
  • Depending on the time of day, and since this is a new blog, the article should publish very quickly. You’ll see a message like “100% complete”. Voila, you now have a live blog. You can click on the “View site” tab to have a look.



Why There Is Such A Diverse Array Of Men’s Athletic Shoes

For many people the first type of shoe that we think of when considering men’s athletic shoes may well be tennis shoes or even a generic cross training shoe. For others they may think of a basketball shoe, it really depends upon your background. In reality this category of footwear covers a wide variety of sport and recreational shoes ranging from golf and basketball to soccer and running shoes. I usually buy cross training tennis shoes just because I am involved in a wide range of sports from running and weightlifting to playing basketball.

It seems that every time I open the Sunday paper there will be several circulars advertising sales on athletic shoes from many different famous brand names. I suggest you look around online to compare prices as well as have a good idea of what type of shoe will best suit your needs.

There are a few basic types of athletic shoes in general and one should get a good feel for what you need most before shopping.

For those who are into off road running or running in all different kinds of weather the best shoe type is the trail shoe which will give you a combination of stability and durability as well as excellent traction.

If you are on of those that tends to underpronate and you really do not need to have extra support then you can probably get by with shoes from the cushioned shoes category.

For men who are of average weight with no pronation problems who just need an athletic shoe with good support, durability and cushion they should probably go with a shoe from the stability shoe category.

The motion control category contains the most durable, rigid and controlled athletic footwear. These shoes are specifically designed to limit the condition known as overpronation.

For experienced runners who are training for races or even for those who just run a lot and have not issues with motion control or pronation they will get good results from shoes in the lightweight training category.

This list is not an end all, it is always recommended that you keep an extra pair on hand and the best practice is to buy a couple of pairs at the same time so you can alternate between them. This will make the shoes last quite a bit longer, especially if you are a runner or you do heavy weightlifting.

When you measure your feet or shop for shoes do it late in the day. This will give you the most accurate fit since due to the stress of walking all day our feet tend to swell and will be larger at the end of the day than in the morning. Don’t buy shoes that are uncomfortable just because they look good or because they are a good deal.