What It Is Like To Fly With British Airways – British Airways First Class

British Airways started service back in 1919, and since then they have been on the road to success and nothing else. British Airways offers the following classes of service on their flights.

1. First: The British Airways First Class is known for setting standards and trends. Their passengers receive exclusive check-ins, security screenings, VIP lounges, priority boarding etc their ground services include chauffer service and a lot of facilities in the waiting lounge like iron service, massages and bathing options. On board they can enjoy fully flat beds and bask in their own privacy. For couples there are special arrangements. The beds are made of fresh cotton sheets and duvets with clean pillows that take airborne comfort to another level. They also receive high definition entertainment kits with noise cancelling headphones and an extensive list of movies and TV dramas. The menu is prepared by master chefs and the quality control is beyond exemplary. The passengers can request their meal at any time and enjoy a wide selection of wines, drinks and teas.

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