iPads for British Airways Pilots

British Airways has just announced that they will be equipping their 3,600 pilots with iPads to improve the efficiency of their operations and their customer service. The company also recently provided iPads to its entire cabin crew and ground operations staff. These technological advancements are all part of a 5 billion dollar investment to improve the flying experience for all of their passengers. Whether you are purchasing discount flights on British Airways for economy class or you are purchasing the most expensive business class seats, these technological advancements are expected to improve your travel experience immensely.

British Airways asserts that having access to real-time operational data will allow the pilots to plan a more efficient flight using the most current and relevant information available. This information is expected to make flights quicker and to make arrival times more accurate. This is good news for both passengers and pilots alike. You can expect a smoother flight with a lower chance of a late arrival. If your flight time is going to be delayed, you will be more likely to be informed of this information further in advance and with a greater accuracy in the announced delay time.

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