Foreign Languages and the British

English is considered the lingua franca of our era. Although native English speakers are about 5% of the world’s population (300-400 million people), English is one of the most spoken languages around the globe and the most published one. Why? Because there are more than one billion people who speak it, no matter if it’s a mother tongue or a second language. One billion is a very impressive figure, isn’t it?

Learning a foreign language is just an option

There is a common notion among native English speakers that they don’t need to learn another language. This is obviously based on the fact that English is spoken in so many other countries. They can travel to Sweden, Poland, Romania, Ethiopia, Mexico, Russia or China and have little or no difficulties in getting along with the locals because they all speak English. (Some of the native English speakers admit that sometimes these foreigners even speak better English than their friends at home.) Therefore, learning a foreign language is just an option, not a necessity.

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