British Empire’s Psychological Impact on Its Population

It is no longer a secret that parts of the western hemisphere have become “the old world.” This is primarily seen in the New England region of the United States. There are some glaring demonstrations of this phenomenon. One is mayor Bloomberg’s admiration of the city of London and Amsterdam (and cheerful co-mingling with their managers). The other is the hideous and embarrassing media fawning over the recent hereditary mafia wedding that occurred in London.

It appears that American elites have given up on the project of building a unique and divergent socioeconomic system of their own (1790’s-1970’s period). No longer proud experimenters competing with the old world, they are now happy to take socioeconomic marching orders and get swallowed up by the original oligarchic mother country. The growing frequency of British accents in upper hierarchies in Northeastern United States is very indicative. It is even written that a British accent sounds more authoritative and sells more product if used in commercials in this region!

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