Is Cancer Really That Hard To Treat?

Cancer is really hard to treat, but the question is, why? This is because of many factors and includes many diseases. Therefore, in short, cancer treatment is so hard because of the presence of so many underlying groups of diseases.

The thing is that there are multiple types of cancers, and many continue to get discovered. More than 100 varieties have been uncovered until now, which is quite a large number. Cancer has no fixed cause, no fixed treatment, and no fixed symptoms. It can be caused due to some external factor or can develop from a disease-causing organism inside.

Factors affecting cancer treatment:

- There can be a problem with cancer cell treatment; each person can react differently to them. There is no single common treatment for all types of cancers; each has a different treatment method.

- Every individual has an entirely different lifestyle. No two individuals have the same life cycle and the same activities every day. While some people exercise early in the morning, others may be sleeping. This is why treatment methods differ from person to person.

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