The Secret Behind The Secret Law Of Attraction

The secret was revealed! That is, the Secret Law of Attraction.

The Secret, which was produced for DVD only, the documentary drama about the Law of Attraction had a measurable effect in the millions, that is, it cost millions to produce, affected millions and made millions of dollars in profits.

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Those who have received the message, tried it, tested it themselves, and wrote emotionally charged testimonials that fill the official The Secret website. Those who didn’t, claim it was an extravagant celluloid marketing campaign without the substance. Experts appeared overnight in influential magazines and newspapers to declare that it was dangerous, misleading, and more magical thinking than the gullible common people could handle.

Does it really work? My humble opinion is that it works like never before in my life. When I read testimonials on this topic on the official website and many other sites that also talk about the Secret Law of Attraction, I nodded. I am willing to declare it scientifically correct, because the topic can be proven experimentally and because it can be explained by quantum mechanics, where the observer influences the experience.

If it works, if people prove it works, why are so many people also disappointed and frustrated and publicly denouncing it as a form of mass deception? The answer to this is the app. Yes the secret app of the Law of Attraction. Correct, appropriate and relevant application.

For the mind to work for you, you have to believe that the mind can work for you. In this particular case, we are talking about the conscious mind, which believes in the unknown power of the subconscious. Those who asked were answered, those who searched found, and those who called found the door open from the inside. Likewise, those who have no faith at all, or a belief mixed with shame or contempt, have shown that their faith is true: it does not work.

Let us break down this analysis on specific techniques of the Law of Attraction.

One technique is to keep thinking focused about what you want. People whose minds jump with excitement are like kids at a birthday party, one minute laughing, the next minute crying, and the third minute focused on something else they can’t expect to show anything. You need to focus on an image long enough for it to settle in your subconscious. You need a clear and detailed image, and a sense of color, texture and form.

Since the entire process of manifestation is a phenomenon that arises from the work of the subconscious, these people who are delighted with infinite thought are poor candidates for success. While they may have a knack for writing satirical articles on the secret law of attraction or analyzing something to death, this level of mental acuity hurts them when they try to appear. The gift of abstraction is almost certainly beyond the gift of manifestation. Again, the reason for this is so simple, embarrassingly simple, you have to be in touch with your feelings to show anything. Without feelings, without vibrations, without appearance.

The secret of the secret law of attraction is the application. It will work if you are working. Working on it means focusing on the desire long enough to get a clear and detailed picture of it. It also means feeling the reality of what has not yet happened, as if it has already happened.

The Secret Law of Attraction is only for people who believe in evidence of things that cannot be seen and who are patient enough to wait for them to appear. The secret is outside and you can use it to enjoy health, wealth, romantic love and happiness.

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