Twitter – Only Useful If You Are Famous?

Twitter allows you to post ‘tweets’ and let everyone know what you are doing at any one given moment in time. People can then follow your tweets and suggest to others that they also follow your tweets – and so it goes on.

However, is Twitter only useful for those who are already famous? Of course everyone wants to know what Simon Cowell is up to and of course everyone would love to hear what Chris Moyles had for his breakfast (well almost everyone!). It can make the famous even more famous and is almost certainly a way for them to massage their own egos by counting the number of followers they have on before they set off on their way to work.

But does Twitter have uses for the non-famous and even for businesses? Well there is certainly an increasing number of businesses adding to on a regular basis and using the Twitter badge on their own websites to allow people the option to link through from one to the other.

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