Smoking And The Asthmatic Patient

We have all probably heard at least once from different information sources that smoking cigarettes and tobacco are harmful to one’s health. These products contain hundreds of destructive chemicals which are detrimental; not only to the smoker, but to those who get to inhale the smoke coming from the cigarettes or tobacco they puff. One of the illnesses that can be acquired by smoking is asthma. But what if the actual asthmatic patient is the one who smokes excessively? How can this person possibly be saved from future health complications? Before we discuss the solution, it will be worthwhile to note some background information about smoking and the asthmatic patient.

Smoking 101

The practice of smoking dates back centuries ago, when the ancient civilizations and societies used and burnt incense as a way of praising their gods. What started as a purely religious practice eventually evolved as a way of gratifying and satisfying oneself by inhaling the smoke coming from products like cigarettes and tobacco. Smoking is apparently very pleasurable as these cigarettes or tobacco contain nicotine, a substance that is known to stimulate the brain, giving the smoker intense enjoyment and fulfillment.

Despite all the pleasures that smoking gives, it is still very harmful to the body especially for second-hand smokers or the people who inhale the smoke which is exhaled by the actual smokers. It can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure or even something as simple as the common cough. Thus, this practice must immediately be halted.

Asthma 101

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that causes the patient to have difficulty in breathing due to inflammation of the airways. Asthmatics often experience different extremely uncomfortable conditions like wheezing, chest tightening, shortness of breath, and intense coughing. Some asthmatics even have side effects like skin allergies which develop on varying degrees. Asthma is a sickness that must be treated and dealt with seriously as this can be a cause of potential death.

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