How to Get Rich and Famous

Is it your goal to become rich and famous? Achieving this goal certainly comes with some great perks – You would have enough money to do what ever you want and whenever you want, you would be popular with many people recognizing you where ever you go. That would be cool. But how do you do it? How do you get to be rich and famous.

Normally, the way to do it is to become a celebrity. That would normally mean starring in Hollywood movies or recording a best-selling music album. But you could also do it by other means, like becoming a best-selling author or a politician.

Of course, no matter which route you take, you must know that this is not an easy goal to achieve; only a very small percentage of people that wish to become rich and famous actually achieve their goals. Just take a look at Hollywood – There are literally thousands of people that are trying to make it and are, in the mean time, working odd jobs to make ends meat. It just does not happen very easily.

What if you have no skills that could make you rich and famous? What if you cannot act, or sing, or excel in sports, or debate politics? How would you become rich and famous then? Well, it’s still possible. Consider that some people that win huge lotto jackpots get their faces plastered all over the media. These people get fame simply for winning the lottery. It could happen to you too. However, just like the usual methods of achieving fame, winning the lottery is tough too – The odds of winning are bad.

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