Famous Business Quotes on Success: Their Impact on Businesspeople

“Nothing succeeds like success,” said Oscar Wilde. Was he right? In a world where ambitious people practice the habits of successful people with mixed results, perhaps he was, at least somewhat. While Wilde’s statement isn’t irrefutable (few aphorisms are), according to reality and not just business theory, it still holds truth. What a businessperson might see in Wilde’s statement is this: the key to continued success isn’t continually reinventing one’s ambitions; it’s continually translating the success one already has into new opportunities. The statement reveals a truth about success and in doing so communicates a philosophy for sustained success.

The impact of business quotes in the workplace

The paragraph above shows how a company leader might deconstruct a famous quote to apply it to product development, sales strategy, project management, or other concerns. When used in this manner, business quotes usually have one of two aims: to add credibility to a present perspective, or to initiate a new perspective, one that employees need to be “on board” with. In either case, famous quotations on success can help employees to perceive company vision amid the burden of daily tasks, positively impacting their outlook and heir work. Below are four ways famous business quotes can make a difference in the workplace.

Improved morale

Every company has its ups and downs in the morale department. But how quickly it recovers from the downs depends on its ability to turn hopelessness into hopefulness, making employees feel motivated again. While things such as raises, new client contracts, and better project management can all be superior motivators, it’s important to encourage motivation on an intellectual level as well. Business quotes can cut through the cares of the day to remind employees how to work and what they’re working for.

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