Abstract Art

I have always liked bright colors and movement, like dancing to heal, relax, content and challenge too. The conclusion is the feeling and the message that I want to convey through the medium. When I am painting, my every attempt is to capture the feeling of warmth, emotion, joy and happiness in an objective or symbolic composition. I enjoy experimenting with different media and themes.

True Colors

My subject varies according to my feelings and my statement, but my love for colors is constant. However, viewers see different shapes or forms in my abstract expressions. What’s great about these expressions is the freedom viewers have to see and appreciate the shapes in their mind, such as drawing a face in the viewer’s eye. It is also important to mention that Oli, my traditional art style, has played an important role in my long career. The symbols and shapes of this art style are reflected in cubism, abstract imagery, abstract relief sculpture, seascapes, painting, pastels, and watercolor.

People see different shapes or images in abstract art, and the depth of what you actually see when looking at paintings depends in part on individual exposure and understanding of art forms, color, shapes, lines, and texture. ; They are the physical elements that combine to form works of art.

A selection of different shapes, shapes, and dark shapes can give different impressions to different minds; Images light and airy as mystical; Balanced, moderate and peaceful forms. Organic shapes and shapes in elemental symbolism like colors and shapes have meaning in themselves. It is a simple fact that you cannot give what you do not have. I am a believer and my work time is also a time for meditation, which can go in any direction depending on the spiritual awareness of the creative mind.

For me, my work section is an intimate moment between fabric and color. In this creative moment, there is a spiritual transfer from artist to art. Hence the emotional reaction to these elements even though they do not create something recognizable to us.

I enjoy inserting and removing space. Deal with space or

The illusion of space is another powerful component of the artist’s mind. If you are drawn to a yard of 3D space that extends beyond the painting frame for the sculpture, you are not alone. The impression of depth, perspective, ventilation, rigidity, body and other spatial relationships are created and controlled to achieve the desired goal.

The overall composition, the design of the tablet or the sculpture is created to direct the viewer’s eyes to understand and appreciate the images.

I must admit that most of my pictorial compositions are a celebration of femininity, and I am very proud to be a part of them because they are seats of wisdom and knowledge.

I am proud of the feelings and reactions of my clients and viewers towards my creations. I feel blessed in many ways that words cannot express. Sometimes the challenge is getting the composition right or balancing elements of color, lines and shapes while maintaining the dynamic tension and underlying massage.

Energy is the life force found in all good arts. This is not something that can be easily defined. The life force of each job I do is the same, but it is different energy and different data. It is this strange energy that makes my works speak to you and makes them unique, original and identifiable for me. This energy is created from experience, self-awareness, materials, and instruments, but an end is more than a means in the sense that a piece of music is much more than a collection of musical notes.

Welcome to the world of abstract wall art or modern art, relax and let your eyes roam leisurely through the collection of art styles and facts. Let your heart and mind interact with colors, shapes, shapes and textures. Come pamper yourself a bit with the illusion of vibrant spaces, lines of movement, and a joyful atmosphere.

Come, get closer and explore the complexities of brush strokes, palette knives, paint thickness, textures, and texture details. Enjoy how you interlace the parts to form a whole.

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