How to Find the Best Tap Water Purifier?

Which is the best tap water filter today? Which water filter can give 100% pure water? Which water filter can get rid of the different types of contaminants found in water today? You can find these questions everywhere. People know that the water they drink is not safe and they want to do something about it. However, choosing the right water filter is not easy if you do not know how water filters work and the right method to purify water.

As you probably know, there are different methods available to purify water. Among these methods, reverse osmosis, point of use distillation, and active carbon filtration are the three most important and popular methods. So, you need to pick one from these three methods. Remember – no matter how sophisticated your tap water filter looks, it is no good if its water purification method is flawed. So, let us take a look at each of these methods and decide which one is the best.

Point of use distillation is a little complex process. Water is first passed through a heated coil and is vaporized. Then it is passed through a cooling chamber where it condenses and becomes water again. bestitpoint In this process, the inorganic contaminants present in water are separated. However, the organic contaminants present in water are usually not disturbed during this process, thereby making distillation not a safe option. A point of use distillation tap water filter cannot guarantee you safe water.

Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular methods used to purify water. A reverse osmosis tap water purifier has a semi permeable membrane and a finely porous layer through which the water passes during the filtration process. In this process, any substance whose molecular size is larger than the water molecule is blocked. However, the problem with RO is that there are contaminants like herbicides whose molecular size is smaller than the water molecule and so they are still present in the water you drink. So, this is not a 100% safe method either.

Active carbon filtration uses activated carbon filters which are considered the best in water purification today. The USP of active carbon blocks is that they can get rid of any type of contaminant present in water. Most importantly, they retain the essential minerals present in water, which are required for your good health. Unfortunately, methods like reverse osmosis and distillation tend to destroy these essential minerals. This is the reason why physicians around the world suggest active carbon filters more than any other method.

There you have it folks. All the details and the facts you need are here. The choice, however, is yours. Make a decision today and get yourself a good tap water purifier that can give you 100% pure water – all the time.

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