1. I’m assuming you and her are in a comfortable position either on a comfortable couch or perhaps her doorstep. If you are not comfortable, get comfortable. Juggling for a comfortable position during a kiss is awkward and labels you as an amateur.

2. Hold your lover, or lover to be, gently but firmly. My personal favorite standing position is to gently hold both her hands, waist high, then slowly bend towards her for the kiss. This maneuver is not threatening to her and even has a sense of traditional chivalry. Another option is to gently touch her face and lips then cup her face with one or both hands just below her ears and tenderly pull her head towards yours. Of course, if she resist, even the slightest, stop immediately.

Simple rule; if she pulls back then you pull back. If she moves forward, you move forward.

3. Plant soft, delicate kisses on her lips, cheeks and eyelids. Softly run your finger over her lips as you move your lips towards her. Smoothly tilt your head in the opposite direction of hers (without bumping noses) and merge your closed lips to hers. Once your lips meet, close your eyes and get lost in the sensation of the kiss. Mimic her kissing actions for a few seconds and gather sense of her reaction. Your goal, here and now, is to please HER!

OPTION: If this your first goodnight kiss, STOP after this first kiss! Kiss her gently on the forehead and say “Goodnight. I had an incredible time and I can’t wait to see you again.”

I realize this is in direct contrast to your manhood but it’s good to leave a woman when she is turned on sensually. By doing this simple, albeit difficult, gesture you demonstrate considerable respect for her and self control for yourself, two very redeeming qualities. You will leave her with questions unanswered. You have now become an enigma. This can drive a woman crazy with passion!

4. Continue kissing her affectionately, but now with your lips slightly open no wider than your finger. Kiss her lips as if you are calmly sucking the juice from the side of a Popsicle. Savor the sweetness and tenderness of her lips. Your lips should now be in pulsating sync with hers. 918kiss Monitor her reaction to your action. Is she receptive to your kiss? Is her body language telling you she is enjoying the kiss? Is she subtly exposing her breast to you by repositioning her arms? Perhaps, if seated, she has uncrossed her legs. Don’t even think about getting a case of ‘crazy hands’ before you see these signs or similar. The flavor and thrill of this kiss should absorb all your concentration. In fact, your immediate goal in life is to bring your women to orgasm with your kissing talents. Believe me, it can be done!

5. If she is receptive thus far to your kiss, now is the time to pull your lips from hers. Yes, pull your lips from hers, stare into her eyes for a few seconds, smile softly, gently kiss her nose once (Nose kiss is optional) then kiss her neck four to five times before pressing your lips to hers again, repeating step 4. (This pause will, consciously perhaps even subconsciously, indicate to her a.) That YOU are in control! Women love this! And b.) The importance of this kiss to you and the passion you feel for her. In essence, you are making the bold statement – “I am enjoying the living hell out of this kiss, I want it to last, and my penis is NOT doing the thinking.”)

Again, judge her reactions to each of your actions. Women have different erogenous zones. Often her neck and ear area are prime sensual real estate zones. Your lips on her collarbone or the inside of her elbow may be the next best thing to serious foreplay for her. Be experimental. Be deliberate. A woman likes to know a man knows what he is doing. But always be tender.

If you do discover an area that arouses exceptional passion in her, tease that area, pulling back at key times, leaving her wanting more.

NOTE: It is not a sin to leave her, even if momentarily, in a discombobulated, passionate state. If you sense her passion peaking to an unbelievable level pull back! As stated earlier, this self-control will, at best, drive her passionately wild or, at worse, reveal to her that you are a man who knows what he is doing!

“I can express no kinder sign of love Than this kind kiss”

2 Henry V I,1 (Henry first meeting Margaret) William Shakespeare

6. It is now time to get risky. Slowly and lightly draw your tongue across her lips. If all is going well, chances are her lips will open and her tongue will meet yours. A few DO’s to follow…

DO breathe through your nose. If this is not natural for you, practice. Use a nose spray prior to your date to clear your nasal passages. If she loses consciousness during your awesome kiss ONLY THEN can you breath through your mouth to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Keep in mind, you are kissing a women not blowing up a beach ball!


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