How to Start a Successful and Profitable Webmaster Related Weblog

Blogging becomes more and more popular in these days. There are millions of potential visitors around the Internet. People are looking for information and clever blogger can earn a lot of money thanks to this fact. In this article you will learn how to start your weblog from scratch, how to get your first visitors and how to regularly increase the traffic. You will also learn how to monetize this traffic.

Your first task will be to decide which blogging script or service you will use. If you have no money to spend you can go with service like Blogspot. The advantage of this solution is the price — you don’t need to pay for it single cent. weblogright The disadvantage is that you have limited control how the script will work. So if you can invest a few bucks a month for quality web site hosting service use rather some open source script like wordpress. This way you can control everything.

The second step will be installation of the script and set up. WordPress require to fill in a few lines in config file and renaming this file. If you don’t know what to fill in you should log in your web hosting control panel and search for MySQL icon. You will find there the database name, username and database password. These values you will need to fill in the config file. If you are not familiar with PHP settings you can also sign up for a web host which offers wordpress preinstalled.

OK, you have installed the script and now you can start to write your posts. Find some interesting topics and write about them. In the blog post titles use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are something like “How to start profitable webmaster related blogging website”. These keywords are not so competitive like e. g. “blogging” so you have better chance that your posts will rank well in Google and other search engines.

As soon as you finish at least 10 posts start to promote your weblog. Get some quality links from websites which are similar to the topics you are blogging about. This will attract visitors of these websites and some of them will click the link and visit your website. You will also get valuable “link juice” which is very important for good rank in search engines. The most used promotion tactics which are also good for search engine optimization are forum posting, article marketing, directory submissions and link exchange. Do this work regularly and the number of your visitors will increase month by month.

At this point you have decent traffic and you should think about getting money from your website. The first option is using Google AdSense. You can place the AdSense ads under your articles and visitors will see relevant adds. You will get paid a few cents every time some of them click the add. Another solution is joining some add network. The add networks work on pay per click or pay per view basis. They will pay you commission based on the number of clicks or views. If you have highly targeted traffic you can try some affiliate network like Commission Junction.


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