Flooring Suppliers Materials Natural Marble

Flooring Suppliers Materials 4 – Natural Marble Chippings
Natural Marble comes in 14 natural shades. The marble is mined from the Northern Italian Alps. The Marble has the same properties of the Natural Stone Carpet and it comes in round chippings in sizes 1-4mm & 3-6mm.

Flooring Suppliers Materials 5 – Natural Stone Special Mixes
By mixing different colors and types of stone, color experts put together some splendid color combinations, which can satisfy the choosiest of tastes.

Using the above materials can achieved an exclusive, customized epoxy floor covering. All of the above granular materials are suitable for both private and commercial use. These floors can easily compliment your home or business space with exciting new decor opportunities. They are available in a wide range of elegant designs, from traditional to contemporary, and can also be custom-made to almost any design you desire, including corporate logos. With your Stone Carpet, you can make a truly individual design statement.

Whether choosing a ready-made mix, or having something custom made to your requirements, with stone flooring you can get the right design solutions for your interior and exterior flooring, at home or for your business.

For more information, samples, videos and images on Natural Stone Carpets, please visit Natural Stone Carpets Ltd, which provides both Home flooring and Commercial flooring, currently the market leader in Ireland in the area of Sales, Supply and the application of Natural Stone Carpet in the private and public project markets.

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