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The Grafenberg spot commonly known as the G-spot is in fact one of the most common topics on the websites with discussions related to male & female health, issues related to sex, and penis size. The spot has been named after Ernst Grafenberg, a well known gynecologist from Germany who first explained it in the year 1950, in his paper titled “The Role of urethra in female Orgasm.” Grafenberg was born in Germany, a doctor by profession (Adelebsen 1881 – New York 1957) of Jewish descent. In the year 1937 he was arrested by Nazis, but his friends from International Society of Sexology helped him escape in the year 1940 and he moved to California.

In order to reach the spot, you must first know the location. On the vagina’s top side between the cervix and the pubic bone lies the G-spot, similar to a female prostate. G-spot is the part of Urethral sponge which plays a significant role at the time of arousal. If stimulation is done properly, extreme pleasure can be obtained, giving rise to orgasm at the time of sexual intercourse. In some of the cases when the spot is stimulated, some women could feel an urge to urinate.

This urethral sponge like tissue cushions against pubic bone and vagina wall, which surround the urethra. This is made up of erectile tissue, and at the time of arousal they get filled with blood; it helps in compressing urethra to prevent urination while having sex. The famous female ejaculation (a clear colored fluid) about which men’s are quite curious are produced by Skene’s glands, a part of urethral sponge. Some scientists do not agree with G-spot being a physical spot. According to them it’s actually the deepest nerves in clitoris passing through urethral tissue and then connecting with the spinal column.

The point to be noted is that the fluid which Skene’s gland produce at the time of orgasm passes through the urethra (like urine) but isn’t a part of urine or a result of urinary incontinence. The clear fluid produced is similar in look to the liquid in prostate therefore we can call it female ejaculation.

Once the women reaches the age of 30, the structural form of this tissue changes due to which it becomes easier to reach G-spot. This is the reason why women over the age of 30 are bound to experience the best sexual pleasure.

How can one reach this mysterious spot? There are 3 basic methods which can be used to reach this location. These methods are widely advertised on web in sex advice guides.

  1. The missionary position is best for men with penis curved in upward direction, since such penis is going to exert pressure on the vaginal front wall.
  2. The doggy style position is most suitable for men with downward curved penis or un-curved penis as this position helps in exerting large pressure against the front wall.https://www.พรฮับ.com/
  3. With tongue or fingers: You need to push down on the clitoris and insert the tongue or finger upwards. Since the precise distance varies from one individual to another, it is better to insert your finger or tongue at least 1 to 3 inch inside the vagina.

It was always generally considered that only males ejaculate, but in recent times the issue of female ejaculatory orgasms has become widely discussed, and has also attracted some controversy. If you have been curious about this subject, you may have done some research yourself, and while much information has been published on this topic, a great deal of it is conflicting.

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