How to Do Product Launches the Right Way

Product Launches are one of the biggest areas that newbies internet marketers get wrong. The problem is often that they just don’t know how to do them right, because there are 2 ways to do a product launch: The lazy (normal) way, and the proper way

The lazy way is the way most newbie marketers try to do Product Launches. It generally involves putting up a website, telling their twitter friends, and posting on a forum about the product… and it just doesn’t work.

The proper way to do a launch is by having a pre-launch buildup. The very best way to do this is to slowly release bits and pieces about your program one at a time, drip feeding the community with news and updates about your product.

Then you build a prelaunch email list, after you release each piece of content have a link back to your site where they can sign up to an email list to find out more information. This way you feed the hungry crowd just enough to keep them on the hook, but not so much that they are satisfied and run away.

These pieces of content can be sent out via your twitter account, via running paid advertising to get people to them, or by posting in forums, on your own blog or commenting on other blogs. With all these little pieces of content everywhere you’re sure to build up a sizeable email list during the pre-launch phase. You can even set up an autoresponder on your email list to drip feed even more incredible info to these new subscribers, whetting their appetite even more.

Finally you unleash the launch, you do this by not only emailing everyone on the email list about the launch, but by having a great affiliate program in place so that everyone on the list is able to refer their friends for a commission on sales, who then refer their friends and so on, creating a massive viral flood of visitors to your site.

You can also recruit affiliates beforehand while in the prelaunch phase who can help you promote your prelaunch too (just make sure they get credit for all those referrals, there’s nothing worse than angry affiliates that didn’t get paid).

Tim Robinson runs the Launch Tree Blog [] which has lots of updates and information about Launch Tree.

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